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Finished Flagstone Patio & Walkway – Walkthrough Video


Dry Laid Flagstone Patio, Walkway, Wall & Stone Steps

I wanted to share with you a flagstone project that I completed in 3 different stages. Pictures from stage 2 of this project are whats contained in my How To Lay Flagstone guide.

Below is a short video taken with my iphone, it’s not the greatest quality but it should give you a clear picture on the type of flagstone work that I do, would love to hear your comments and questions.


Stage 1: Front & Side Flagstone Walkway

Originally the front walkway was a poorly installed flagstone path, along the side of the house they had a narrow brick walkway. I was asked to replace both walkways and install a dry laid irregular flagstone walkway. “click images to enlarge”

Stage 1 Before & After Pictures
Brick Walkway Old Flagstone Walkway
Flagstone Walkway  Flagstone walkway 1
Flagstone walkway 1 (5)  Flagstone walkway 1 (2)

Stage 2: Flagstone Patio, Natural Stone Step & Two Small Dry Stacked Walls

As you can see in the first picture below the back garden was just grass. They wanted to have a flagstone patio area allowing them a place to sit and relax. Due to the change in grade from the flagstone walkway to the patio area, I decided to install a natural stone step, plus install two small dry laid wall on both sides of the patio.

Stage 2 Before & After Pictures
Flagstone Patio Before
Dry Stacked Wall  Flagstone Patio Dry Laid
flagstone patio Natural Stone Step

Stage 3: Flagstone Walkway, Two Stone Steps & A New Stone Wall To Sit On

The owners has a rear garage/shed as you can see below, only problem was to access you would need to walk across the lawn/grass. They also asked if it was possible to make one of the dry stacked walls higher allowing them a place to sit or place flower pot etc.

When rebuilding the wall I glued the last 3 rows of stone to help strengthen the wall, then I installed natural stone copping on the top of both walls. We then decided to continue with the wall around the tree flower bed.

Stage 3 Before & After Pictures
Before Stage 3 Before stage 3 step
Before brick path Dry Stacked Wall
New flagstone walkway Natural Stone Step (2)
Stepping Stones Stone Flowerbed wall

Few final notes:

All flagstone joints/gaps are filled with a polymeric sand to stop the rain washing out the joints.
All of the stone used on this project is the same kind, it varies in color depending on the layer it’s been split at, plus like most natural stones the sun with bleach/fade of time.

If you’d like to see exactly how I built the patio, checkout my How To Lay Flagstone guide.


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