Saturday, October 10th, 2015

Install A Dry Laid Flagstone Walkway & Replace An Old Ugly Path


Install A Flagstone Walkway In 8 Hours

Flagstone always adds natural beauty to any path/walkway, but many people feel that it something only a professional can do. Installing a flagstone walkway just like the one below should only take you one or two days even if you’ve never installed flagstone before. Following my easy step by steps guide: How To Flagstone Patio

Here is the old interlock/brick walkway:

Brick Walkway Old-Brick-Walkway (2)


Flagstone WalkwayHere is the Flagstone walkway after 8 hours of work, during these 8 hours I hauled the old interlocking brick  to the dump and picked up the flagstone and all material required. Once I had all pieces of flagstone ready I installed the walkway.

This photo on the right is just before I started to install the flagstone:



Going to re-take the final photo as it didn’t come out very clear:


Flagstone Walkway Installed

Flagstone Walkway (6)  Flagstone Walkway (5)


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