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“Let Me Show You Exactly How To Lay Flagstone Patios!”

“Discover Tips & Techniques On How To Lay Flagstone Just Like A Professional.”



Craig Smith
RE: How To Build A Flagstone Patio & Walkway

Dear Homeowner,

If you’re planning on laying a flagstone patio or walkway then it’s very important you know exactly what you’re doing. There are many important steps you need to know before attempting to build a natural flagstone patio. Not knowing these steps can quickly turn a small flagstone project into a long and expensive flagstone project.

Here’s the problem many homeowner face right now…

Homeowners will often do some searching online for “How to lay flagstone” and find numerous DIY sites which in most cases have a short step by step flagstone patio installation guide to follow. I’ve spent a hours reading and researching these short instructional how to guides and quite frankly they make me laugh.

bad flagstoneThe Main Problem: They don’t cover 75% of the steps and techniques you need to know when building a flagstone patio or walkway.

But it’s worse than you think! Here’s why…

Not knowing how to install a flagstone patio correctly can become very expensive and result in having a poor and embarrassing looking flagstone patio, plus you’ll probably never use the patio because all pieces of flagstone will be uneven and move/rock when walked on. Patio furniture will sit on 2 or 3 legs instead of 4.

Take a look at the flagstone installed in the picture on the right, that’s what happens when you don’t know how to lay flagstone correctly.

Lets face it, even if you install a flagstone patio yourself, it’s still going to cost money purchasing the required material. The average price for a full (2 ton pallet) of flagstone is approximately $600+ TAX here in Ontario Canada.

If I was spending that kind of money to complete any kind of project, I’d want to know how to do it correctly. Wouldn’t you?

Luckily, there’s a solution…

“An Easy To Follow Step By Step Instruction Guide, Packed With Real Photos Taking You Through Each & Every Step!”

How To Lay FlagstoneIntroducing “How To Install A Flagstone Patio

With several years experience installing/laying flagstone patios and walkways. I’ve decided to share all my tips and techniques, showing and explaining step by step how I personally install a flagstone patio. I cover every single step in full detail, plus with real example photos, starting from planning out your project, all the way to using up the left over flagstone once the project is completed.

Following these easy steps and using these techniques will save you money, save you time and most importantly give you a patio you’re going to be proud of for many years to come.

Here’s Just A Peek At What You’re About To Discover….

Full details on what you need to know when planning out natural flagstone patio project.

Instructions on calculating the total cost before you start.

 Discover how to pick the best pallet of flagstone for the job and avoid wasting $100’s on poor quality flagstone which is only going to cause problems.

Simple techniques for designing the shape of you’re flagstone patio or walkway.

Complete details on how you should excavate and install the patio base.

Instructions on checking grades and setting up the string lines.

Amazing yet very simple flagstone placement techniques, making  the whole process easier to complete and giving the flagstone project a professional look.

Fast and easy methods to cut and trim flagstone.

Discover the method every one should use when installing flagstone, this method eliminates the problem so many people struggle with: Leveling & STOPPING the flagstone pieces from moving when stepped on.

How to fill the joints and what other products are available to use, plus one product I recommend avoiding when filling the joints.

Tips & Ideas on using up left over pieces of flagstone.

Priority email support with any flagstone or natural stone related questions.

Bonus instructions on install a stepping stone flagstone path.

Plus Lifetime membership to this site, giving you access to my bonuses, plus all future guides that I create.

Sneak Peak Inside The Step By Step Guide:

So as you can see this isn’t just some poor 3 page flagstone instructional guide.

This flagstone guide contains real example photos of each step your going to confront when installing your very own flagstone patio.

Following the steps in this guide will eliminate all the guess work, plus show you exactly what needs to be done to give you the end result you’d expect from a professional.

flagstone patio guide flagstone patio guide 2

Here’s How & Why I Can Help You With Your Flagstone Project

stoneworkRunning my own stone masonry business for several years now, I’ve installed countless flagstone patios and just like with any task the more times you do it the better you will get. One reason for this is along the way you pick up many different techniques and methods that make the tasks easier and faster to complete. Plus I have the experience and knowledge to know exactly what should and should not be done.

During the years I’ve seen many other home owners install flagstone patios and walkways, flagstone would be slanted in all direction, huge holes and spaces all over the patio making it look poorly installed, sure they maybe proud of there patio, but I’m guessing deep down they wish it looked better.

Hiring a professional to do the work for you is very expensive, I know this first hand because I personally charge a minimum of $30 per square foot for flagstone installation. So a small 15×15 size patio (225 square feet) would cost a minimum of $6,750 +Tax

Realizing I can only be in one place at a time, I decided to reveal all my tips and techniques on installing a flagstone patio. Revealing all the information in an easy to follow digital guide, laying out the whole process with step by step photo instructions.

Here Are Just A Few Pictures Of My Work

Take a look at some of my past dry laid flagstone projects below, I’m going to show you exactly how you too can achieve the same look with your flagstone project:

Flagstone Patio Dry Laid Natural Flagstone Patio Flagstone Walkway
flagstone patio and natural stone wall Flagstone Walkway Stone Steps Small Flagstone Patio

But don’t just take my word for it, take a look at what others have said…

Below I’ve included just two testimonials from happy customers who purchased my “How to lay flagstone” guide, personal details have been hidden. I’m also going to include pictures they kindly sent. If you’d like to see more testimonials and pictures please visit the testimonial page here.

testimonial flagstone picture 2

testimonial flagstone picture 3


testimonial flagstone picture testimonial flagstone picture 003 testimonial flagstone picture 005 testimonial flagstone picture 03(1)

So Here’s The Bottom Line With: “How To Install A Flagstone Patio

The how to lay flagstone patio guide is going to show you ever step you need to take, teach you what you need to know and give you the knowledge to build a beautiful and professionally installed looking flagstone patio. It’s over 60 pages long and contains over 50 real example photos to help you follow along with each step even better.

Instantly Download the step by step guide for only $29.95

That’s approximately the same cost for a professional stone mason to install 1 square foot of flagstone. Plus you can download the guide and bonuses instantly.

Included with your purchase:

How To Lay Flagstone Patio Guide
  • Step by step 60+ page guide showing you exactly how I personally installed a flagstone patio.
60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • No questions asked. You have 60 days to decide if my guide is worth the money, if for any reason you are not satisfied I`ll refund every penny no questions asked. Simply email me and ask for a refund.
Bonus Guides
  • Home Improvement Related Guides
High Priority Email Support
  • Have question or need advice? I offer everyone who purchases my guide free email support. Question related to how to lay flagstone or anything related to natural stone are more than welcome.
Free Lifetime Updates
  • Your purchase includes a lifetime membership to When ever I update the guide with more helpful content or post member only videos you we be notified.
Flagstone Guide +

email support


When you click the Instant Download link, you will be redirected to a secure order form at


Craig Smith – Smith’s Stone Masonry

PS. Remember you get easy to follow step by step instructions on how to lay flagstone patios with real example photos making  your weekend project fast and easy to complete..  Not to mention free email online support and bonuses.

PPS. Don’t forget, all the risk is on me. Take your time and read over my guide, if you’re not fully satisfied for any reason I’ll immediately refund every penny. You’ve got nothing to lose. Claim Your Copy Risk Free!How To Lay Flagstone“.

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